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brochures to find out more about  The Park ForgeGroup

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Download our brochures to find out more about The Park Forge Group

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Water – there is no disputing that it is a valuable commodity and as such, it requires careful management that covers storage, transportation and watering application processes.

Whilst watering for dust control and the establishment and maintenance of horticulture may appear to be straight-forward, Watermizer works smarter to ensure maximisation of available water resources and in in doing so, delivers significant financial benefits to site managers.

Day/Night Delivery & Watering Services

Watermizer schedules bulk water deliveries day and night. The flexibility of the service provides site managers with many advantages, among them an opportunity to plan vehicle access and movement on site and importantly, to take advantage of efficiencies that result from accelerated water up-take due to lower transpiration rates during the cooler night time hours.

Other advantages of night time delivery and watering application include the elimination of delays which can result from day time traffic crawl and congestion. This creates a smaller environmental footprint.

Tanker Facilities

Watermizer tankers range in size from 2Kl to 30KL and have varying feature levels which may be tailored to site specific watering applications and dust control.

To enable safe & efficient night time delivery and watering, Watermizer tankers are custom-fitted with strobes and/or light-bar safety warning lights and high powered task lighting.

High volume, high pressure pumps ensure fast and efficient delivery.

Hand held hoses and temporary travelling and fixed irrigation systems are also available.

Radio controlled water monitor systems (water cannons) allow for precision sprinkle control over a 270 degree radius and 120 degree arc. The nozzle fan spectrum ranges from close range drizzle to wide fan mimicking natural precipitation white maintaining options to access plant material over the longer range (up to 45 metres from the tanker) without risk of water blast or erosion.

Professionally trained personnel, experienced in horticultural watering applications, operate Watermizer tankers.

As further evidence of our commitment to reliable day/night services and accountability, Watermizer tankers are fitted with GPS tracking systems.

"Our success has been in demonstrating our knowledge, experience and innovation and actively partnering with our clients to enable the delivery of great outcomes."

Innovation & Invention
Natural innovates, we continually respond to new challenges as they emerge and while our contact network often allows us to quickly source solutions ,we regularly need to innovate and invent our own including the following examples:
Specialist tankers which incorporate:

  • Safe warning light system
  • High powered task lighting for night work
  • High volume and high pressure pumping equipment
  • GPS Tracking
  • Radio controlled water monitors (cannons)
  • Secure, strong and durable on site water storage pods
  • 30,000 litre application water tankers which complement hydromulching for fast, cost-effective solutions that eliminate the need for site water trucks for revegetation works.
  • High volume 4WD and 6WD Watermizer tankers
  • Short wheelbase tankers for limited access traffic areas

Grassland and Landscape Establishment and Maintenance Watering Guideline

  • A structured watering guide that includes the calculation of measured applications of water that matches varying climatic conditions to meet germination and establishment timeframes

Management System Certification
We are committed to ensuring that all our products and services are provided from Systems / Processes that are at a level of Industry Best Practice.
To demonstrate our commitment, the systems are being certified to the following International Standards:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management

Our Commitment to the Environment
It has been our long held aim to:

  • Undertake our business practices in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Actively work to develop new and better equipment, processes and procedures with a view to reducing our environmental footprint
  • Create opportunities to promote environmental excellence within projects.

Water Tankers

  • 30,000 litre tri axle semi tankers
  • 3,000 litre to 5,000 litre short wheel base tankers
  • 13,000 litre 6WD difficult terrain tankers
  • Our tankers are highly featured and customised to perform efficiently and safely in varying terrain and conditions

On Site Water Storage

  • 30,000 litre secure on site water storage pods

Application Services

  • Dust control and wetting agents
  • Provision of temporary irrigation systems
  • Pump out and water transfer services for clean products.