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brochures to find out more about  The Park ForgeGroup

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Download our brochures to find out more about The Park Forge Group

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Renew Revegetation

Revegetation erosion and sediment control has fast become a specialty are in need of strong leadership and innovation.

Long established, Renew Vegetation blends considerable hand-on experience with innovative, yet practical technologies to offer a comprehensive menu of services which is fully supported by custom-designed and task modified equipment capable of delivering promised outcomes.

Working closely with project and site management teams, we have developed a partnering business model which enables us to deliver cost effective and quality outcomes which are tailored specifically to suit individual job requirements.

Depending on needs, our services range from quick and easy solutions and advice to fully-coordinated management packages.

The Right Tools for the Job
In response to the specialist nature of this type of work, Renew Vegetation has be necessity, become innovators and on occasion, inventors of new equipment.

With unique equipment comes the need for specific operator training as the combination of equipment and skilful handling by the operator is crucial in the delivery of optimum performance and outcomes.

Essentially, our equipment has been designed to perform in difficult site conditions which include:

  • Limited access
  • Steep grades
  • Sand and soft conditions
  • Sudden changes in grade
  • Tightly compacted ground
  • Demanding drainage requirements
  • Poor soil types
  • Highly erosive sites
  • Working close to traffic
  • Mine site rehabilitation

Renew Vegetation equipment resources are significant and include:

  • Conventional earthmoving equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Specialist limited access transport equipment
  • Specialist horticultural equipment
  • Horticultural watering vehicles
  • All equipment is supplied with UHF radio, audible reversing alarms, fire extinguishers, first aid kits etc.

Our range of revegetation, erosion and sediment control products are among the best available and include:

  • Hydromulchers & Hydraulic Application Equipment: We have developed and manufactured equipment specifically suitable for Australian conditions, and in doing so, we have made significant advances in the improvement of general safety standards.
  • Safety Shutdown Protective Equipment: Hand-held application nozzles with ‘dead man’ safety shutdown protection represent an important step forward in safe practices when handling large volumes of water at high pressure.
  • High Volume All Terrain Equipment: Development and manufacture of all terrain, sand stabilisation and dust control equipment.
  • Limited Access and Specialist Product Application Equipment: Development and manufacture of 4WD difficult access equipment capable of applying BFM’s.
  • Computer Controlled Direct Seeding: This equipment is designed to provide optimum efficiency for best seedbed preparation. Providing control of seed and fertiliser application rates. This system ensures rates remain static with variations in ground speed.
  • Silt Fence Installation: Development and manufacture of fast and efficient silt fence installation equipment.
  • Turn-Key Green: A complete package incorporating placement of soil, soil amelioration, sowing, ground stabilisation, installation of erosion and sediment control measures, establishment and maintenance watering and mowing.
  • Hydromulch Application Water Supply: 30,000 litre water tankers support hydromulchers during application. This allows for faster application, less disruption of site water tanker activities, less expensive application rates, shorter time frames for traffic control staff. This is efficient and less cost.

Management System Certification
We are committed to ensuring that all our products and services are provided from Systems / Processes that are at a level of Industry Best Practice.
To demonstrate our commitment, the systems are being certified to the following International Standards:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management

Our Commitment to the Environment
It has been our long held aim to:

  • Undertake our business practices in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Actively work to develop new and better equipment, processes and procedures with a view to reducing our environmental footprint
  • Create opportunities to promote environmental excellence within projects.


  • Soil installation
  • Soil analysis and reporting
  • Application and incorporation of soil ameliorants


  • Seed bed preparation
  • Seeding and Fertilisation
  • Native seeding with grasses and woody species
  • Crimp rolling of sown areas

Revegetation & Erosion Services


  • Protex® BFM: A bonded fibre matrix (pseudo soil)
  • Hydromulching: The hydraulic application of seed, fibre, fertiliser, binders, growth promotants and cosmetic agents, which may also include seed for native woody species.
  • Direct Seeding: Seedbed preparation, seeding, fertilisation and crimp rolling
  • Hydroseeding: The hydraulic application of seed and fertiliser
  • Hydrosealing: Hydraulic application of binding agents for ground stabilisation
  • Hydrosprigging: The hydraulic application of grass sprigs i.e. couch sprigs, with fibre mulch and fertiliser
  • Georidge ®: High Flow sediment control system
  • Turf: Standard rolls and slabs
  • JumboTurf: Larger sized rolls and slabs for erosion control
  • Vetiver Grass: Supply and planting of this erosion control species
  • Stabilisation & Erosion Products: Green Pipe and the Maccaferri range of products
  • Planting: Trees, shrubs and groundcovers for street and parkland planting, riparian planting and planting for erosion controls

"With over 30 years industry experience we’ve earned a strong reputation for sound business and work practices and in doing so we’ve created a vast network of expert service providers which complement our own considerable knowledge."

Soil Amelioration / Specialist Alliances
A division of the Park Forge Group, our industry involvement spans three decades.
During that time we have earned a strong reputation for sound business and work practices. We’ve created a vast network of expert service providers who complement our own considerable knowledge especially in areas of soil amelioration (improvement).
We engage experienced and well-credentialed external consultants including specialist soil analysts who are able to provide timely reporting and recommendations for soil correction and as required, recommendation and implementation of soil conditioning additives.

Water, Dust & Wind Erosion
In addition to providing effective erosion control solutions, Renew Vegetation also has the capacity to assist with the control of dust and mange wind erosion both in confined spaces and across large open expanses. We are able to seal haul roads and large expanses of sand.

Open Space Landscaping & Civil Construction
Our credentials are many and include involvement in complex coordinated activities. Our involvement extends to conducting preliminary works, imperative to conserving site materials and seed banks which may be invaluable in delivering effective revegetation outcomes.
Our open space landscaping and civil construction services include various parkland projects which involve the coordination of services as follows:

  • Site Assessment
  • Selected Clearing
  • Earth Formation
  • Conservation of Site Materials
  • Construction of Roads and Carparks
  • Installation of Drainage

Innovation & Invention
Natural innovators, we continually respond to new challenges as they emerge and while our contact network often allows us to quickly source solutions, frequently we need to innovate and invent our own including the following examples:

  • Protex ® BFM: This product was among our first home grown hydraulically applied bonded fibre matrix designed to provide a pseudo soil which may be applied at a rate from 2 tonne to 8 tonne per hectare. It is an artificial spray on soil.
  • Batch Sheets: The first to introduce detailed batch sheets for all hydraulically applied products for every job, providing our clients and ourselves with measurable Quality Assurance documentation.
  • Establishment & Maintenance Watering Guidelines: A structured watering guide that provides a measured watering allowance and timeframes which vary with climatic conditions. This provides considerable assistance in the establishment and maintenance of grasslands.
  • Installation of revegetation and erosion control blankets to assist with stabilisation and/or to improve grass establishment and bank stability
  • Watering including assisting with the development of suitable watering program


  • Moisture retention and wetting agents
  • Hydromulching
  • Hydroseeding
  • Hydrosprigging
  • Hydraulic application of BFM’s (Bonded Fibre Matrix)
  • Hydraulic application of soil binders and stabilising agents
  • Hydraulic application of flocculation agents to dams and waterways for turbidity reduction

Other Services

  • Turfing
  • Sand stabilisation